Barbero, Stefano; Cerruti, Umberto; Murru, Nadir

A generalization of the binomial interpolated operator and its action on linear recurrent sequences

J. Integer Seq. 13(9), Article 10.9.7, 14 p., electronic only (2010)


Summary: In this paper we study the action of a generalization of the Binomial interpolated operator on the set of linear recurrent sequences. We find how the zeros of characteristic polynomials are changed and we prove that a subset of these operators form a group, with respect to a well-defined composition law. Furthermore, we study a vast class of linear recurrent sequences fixed by these operators and many other interesting properties. Finally, we apply all the results to integer sequences, finding many relations and formulas involving Catalan numbers, Fibonacci numbers, Lucas numbers and triangular numbers.

Mathematics Subject Classification

11B37, 11B39


binomial operator, Catalan numbers, Fibonacci numbers, Lucas numbers, triangular numbers, recurrent sequences