Hu, Jun; Xiao, Zhankui

On a theorem of Lehrer and Zhang.

Doc. Math., J. DMV 17, 245-270 (2012)


Summary: Let $K$ be an arbitrary field of characteristic not equal to 2. Let $m, n\in\N$ and $V$ be an $m$ dimensional orthogonal space over $K$. There is a right action of the Brauer algebra $\bb_n(m)$ on the $n$-tensor space $V^{\otimes n}$ which centralizes the left action of the orthogonal group $O(V)$. Recently G.I. Lehrer and R.B. Zhang defined certain quasi-idempotents $E_i$ in $\bb_n(m)$ (see (refkeydfn)) and proved that the annihilator of $V^{\otimes n}$ in $\bb_n(m)$ is always equal to the two-sided ideal generated by $E_{[(m+1)/2]}$ if $\ch K=0$ or $\ch K>2(m+1)$. In this paper we extend this theorem to arbitrary field $K$ with $\ch K\neq 2$ as conjectured by Lehrer and Zhang. As a byproduct, we discover a combinatorial identity which relates to the dimensions of Specht modules over the symmetric groups of different sizes and a new integral basis for the annihilator of $V^{\otimes m+1}$ in $\bb_{m+1}(m)$.

Mathematics Subject Classification

20B30, 15A72, 16G99


Brauer algebras, tensor spaces, symmetric groups, standard tableaux