Kreußler, B.

Twistor spaces with a pencil of fundamental divisors

Doc. Math., J. DMV 4, 127-166 (1999)


Summary: In this paper simply connected twistor spaces $Z$ containing a pencil of fundamental divisors are studied. The Riemannian base for such spaces is diffeomorphic to the connected sum $n\PP$. We obtain for $n\ge 5$ a complete description of the set of curves intersecting the fundamental line bundle $\fb{1}$ negatively. For this purpose we introduce a combinatorial structure, called emphblow-up graph. We show that for generic $S\in\mid\fund\mid$ the algebraic dimension can be computed by the formula $a(Z)=1+\kappa^{-1}(S)$. A detailed study of the anti Kodaira dimension $\kappa^{-1}(S)$ of rational surfaces permits to read off the algebraic dimension from the blow-up graphs. This gives a characterisation of Moishezon twistor spaces by the structure of the corresponding blow-up graphs. We study the behaviour of these graphs under small deformations. The results are applied to prove the main existence result, which states that every blow-up graph belongs to a fundamental divisor of a twistor space. We show, furthermore, that a twistor space with $\dim\mid\fund\mid=3$ is a LeBrun space citeLeB2. We characterise such spaces also by the property to contain a smooth rational non-real curve $C$ with $C.(\fund)=2-n$.

Mathematics Subject Classification

32L25, 32J17, 32J20, 14M20


moishezon manifold, algebraic dimension, self--dual, twistor space