Mahler, Kurt

Reprint: Remarks on a paper by W. Schwarz (1969)

Doc. Math. Extra Vol. Mahler Selecta, 649-659 (2019)
DOI: 10.25537/dm.2019.SB-649-659


Mahler reports on old work of his on the transcendency of functions that satisfy functional equations such as \[ \par \par F(z^2)=\frac{(1-z)F(z)-z}{1-z}. \par \par \] \par He suggests a number of directions in which this work might possibly be extended. This paper re-invigorated the area of transcendence theory that is now known as Mahler's method. \par Reprint of the author's paper [J. Number Theory 1, 512--521 (1969; Zbl 0184.07602)]. \par The paper by \textit{W. Schwarz} mentioned in the title appeared in [Math. Scand. 20, 269--274 (1967; Zbl 0164.05701)]. Mahler observed that Schwarz did not cite his papers in [Math. Ann. 101, 342--346 (1929; JFM 55.0115.01); 103, 573--587 (1930; JFM 56.0185.03); Math. Z. 32, 545--585 (1930; JFM 56.0186.01)] in which the problem of the transcendency of functions like \(G_k(z)\) was solved for all algebraic values of \(z\), and very general theorems were proved.

Mathematics Subject Classification

11-03, 11J85


Mahler's method