Guidelines for Journals and Proceedings Volumes to be included in eLibM

eLibM is an electronic distribution and archiving repository for mathematical open access publications. The presentation of scientific journals and proceedings in eLibM is subject to some standards, rules and requirements as stated below.

1. Scientific standards

All publications are open access. For closed publications with a delayed open access model, eLibM will respect the “moving wall” defined by the publisher.

An editorial board must assure that articles accepted for publication are of good scientific quality. Each published article must be reviewed and recommended for publication by one or more experts. Editors and publishers are expected to observe generally accepted ethics principles and to follow the guidelines outlined in the Code of Practice of the European Mathematical Society together with the comments of the EMS Ethics Committee and the Best Current Practices for Journals as outlined by the International Mathematical Union. The choice of articles must not involve any discrimination on the basis of politics, nationality, race, gender, or religion.

2. Editorial and typographic standards

All articles should have approximately the same typography, and each should have a unique identification that is suitable for use in the bibliographies of other articles. It is highly recommended that an abstract be included for each article. The dates of receipt of articles and the dates of publication of articles, issues, or volumes should be visible. We recommend to also include the name of the responsible editor.

In case of multiple versions of the same paper, a version history should be provided and previous versions should remain accessible to the readers. Ideally, each new version should be presented along with a brief description of the kind of changes.

3. Costs

Readers can access the electronic journal and proceedings volumes of eLibM free of charge. Presentation, archiving and disseminating journal or proceedings content within eLibM is free for both publishers and editors. Costs and maintenance of the repository server for eLibM are covered by FIZ Karlsruhe. To be included in eLibM, all publications must be provided to eLibM free of charge.

4. Copyright and liability

Distribution through the eLibM servers is authorized by the original copyright holders with the same extent of open access rights as defined by the publisher for the original source. It does not imply transfer of any form of copyright to FIZ Karlsruhe, nor to any person or agency acquiring the data through eLibM. For all of their publications integrated in eLibM, publishers retain full responsibility for and control over the creation, maintenance and the access provisions of their publications. In addition, publishers shall have full liability for the content of their publications.

5. Termination of the eLibM cooperation

The eLibM cooperation between the publishers and FIZ Karlsruhe based on the principles stated above may be terminated on short written notice by either party.

Additional information for editors and publishers

If you would like your publications to be included in eLibM, please ask for our technical and administrative requirements at contact@elibm.org. In addition, eLibM offers an extended publishing infrastructure using the Open Journal System (OJS) for journal production. For details please refer to our website www.elibm-services.org or contact us at info@eLibM-services.org.